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Nubian Martian

Tooth Powder

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This herbal toothpaste alternative is fluoride free and made with plants which help fight tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease. 

Be sure to floss afterwards and use a tongue scraper. Scraping the tongue daily removes layers of build up, improves one’s sense of taste, and reduces bad breath.

Capable of lasting 30-40 days, if brushing twice daily. Avoid using a metal spoon. Nt Wt. 1oz / 33g.


Calcium bentonite clay, Activated Coconut charcoal, Pink Himalayan salt, Clove powder, Neem powder, Cinnamon powder, Fennel powder, oil of Oregano, Essential oils (Clove, Cinnamon leaf, Frankincense, Peppermint)

*Natron coming soon*

    How to use

    Simply wet your toothbrush, shake off the excess water and dip it in the powder.

    For better results, brush teeth after oil pulling with Coconut oil for 20-30 mins.

    We highly recommend adding 2 drops of Clove oil, oil of Oregano, or Tea Tree oil (or a drop of all 3) in the Coconut oil before swishing.


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